Doctor River Song

Hello Sweetie. My name is Doctor River Song. Pleased to meet you. Many of you might be wondering what i'm doing here... Well... lets just say it was all down to the Doctor persuading me to get an account... now I'm hooked! Please ask me any burning questions that you have, I will try my best to answer them. So come on sweetie. Ask me something... I Dare you. -  unknown being(s) in the TARDIS
When I get my hands on that man….

I’m sincerely very sorry I haven’t been active for such a long time. 

It turns out Mr ‘You know who’ Decided it would be fun to take me on a small spin in his TARDIS and CRASHED it on some bloody meteor. I’ve been stranded for months!

Anyhow, I’m back now and ready to take your questions as they come. Please do ask me something…. keep me entertained. 

Anonymous asked:
Is it correct to assume that you tie him to the console(around the timerotor)? you know when you two use the console.

Oh you are a cleaver one. 

How do you keep your hair so awesome?

just take good care of it. I keep it feash and clean, the way it was made. I dont dye it, straighten… that plays a big part. 

Oh, and I use this wonderful mask from the 45th century, you should try it sometime. 

Anonymous asked:
So what is your favorite room where you and the doctor, lets just say "get it on"?

Console Room. Next question?

Anonymous asked:
how exactly do you manage to be constantly so goddamned sexy?

Oh I wouldn’t say I was constantly… I only let the Doctor see me on my good days…

I’m waiting for my asks, Sweetie. 

I’m waiting for my asks, Sweetie.